Mind Control

I discovered listening to the Alpha Sound waves quiets the mind and allows the brain to be quieted down. The Alpha Waves ease the mind to a restful state.
The Theta Sound wave is designed to activate a portion of your brain that helps you attract what it is you think about, much like the Law of Attraction.
I have achieved miraculous results using the Theta Sound wave. I listen nearly every day as soon as I wake up. At first I didn’t notice anything and then there were small results such as thinking of someone I hadn’t heard from in a long time but then they would call me to tell me they couldn’t get me out of their minds, so they decided to call.
Then I would be thinking about something I needed such as a contact to book me in more speaking engagements. I client introduced me to a man in Canada and he said he was thinking about starting a speaking bureau. That happened with a couple of weeks from when I first thought about it.
I’ve been saying I wanted to speak in Australia for more than five years, but when I started listening to Theta on a regular basis I got a call from a Facebook friend who asked me what it would take to get me to Australia.
I am now booked to speak for three weeks straight doing my author program along with him and another friend of his whom then asked if I would be interested in putting together a three month cruise where we would all speak.

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