Become Aware

When my brother passed away in January 2008, I couldn’t imagine anything hurting as much as the loss I felt. In July I was still reeling from the aftermath of the emotions. I had a call from a woman in Las Vegas and she asked me if I would be interested in doing a radio interview with her.

I’m not one to turn down exposure for my books so of course I agreed. It was a fun interview and after a month I called to see if I could get a copy for my website.

We started talking about various books when the topic of DNA Activation came up. She said “I do that!”

“No. Really?” I was so surprised. I had only heard about a month before that it was even possible.

“When do you do it?” I wanted to know.

“In three weeks.” she told me.

“Great! I’ll be there!”
I flew to Las Vegas and she told me she always had full classes. But when I arrived, it was only the two of us. We waiting another few minutes and still no one else showed up.

So I had her all to myself.

The process was amazing and at first, there wasn’t a noticeable effects other than a bit of light headedness. But I called her up a few weeks later because I began to have what I refer to as “knowings”. I would be talking with someone, much as I did with Debbie in Chapter 6.

The process increases the awareness and adds another new level to the potential connectivity we have with the Universe. If you have any question about your ability to connect with others and know what is right or wrong for you, having your DNA activated will bring you an unquestionable sense of purpose.

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