Case Studies

Sessions take about an hour for instances addressed. I even had one person tell me a month after the session his grand kids wanted to know when he learned to whistle; the grand kids had never heard him whistle and he never realized how suppressed he was.

The process involves connecting with the higher self, sub conscience and conscience. The physical changes you notice in the case studies are obvious but what you can’t see is the emotional changes they experience. Clients have told me they are able to relax more; they can express themselves better; they don’t get frustrated easily; they seem more open minded and are able to listen to other people’s ideas; they have more peace of mind and no longer spend time worrying about what happened in the past.

Nancy Blott at Spirit Fair

Spirit Mind Body Expo in Oklahoma City – October 10th & 11th 2015NESTing-Cheryl Stahlman2Cheryl ended up with better color and a more balanced face left to right. The next day she actually looked 10 years younger. Enlarged left side of the face indicates a lack of relationship with the mother figure and right side father figure. NESTing-Cindy Brody2Cindy was struggling with having been responsible for her parents when she was growing up. You can see the left side of her face has change shape and her eyes are more relaxed. Even her body language was more comfortable afterwards. NESTing-Corina Andras Corina had a remarkable breakthrough. She had been holding on to her anger and you can see the brightness in her eyes after the session as well as it looks like she’s lost 10 pounds.NESTing-Grillys ClevelandGrillys is a very lovely lady but you can obviously see how much happier she looks after the session. Her eyes are more open and bright and her face is more balanced left to right. Even her coloring is more lively. NESTing-Harlan Bell2It was fun to work with Harlin because he’s done so much personal work and has evolved beyond what most people think possible. You can see the coloring improved which is due to better circulation.  You can also see how his face has balanced left to right after letting go of the conflicting influence his mother had over his life. NESTing-Janaki Meed You can see Janaki’s eyes are more open after the session which is indicative of being able to see the bigger picture rather than hiding from the obvious. The difference between the size of her left cheek is noticeable which is a healing of her relationship of the relationship she had with her mother.NESTing-Jerry Walters3 Jerry was very interesting. His coloring is definitely better with increased circulation once the release of the negative emotions he had held on to. You can even see how much happier he looks.NESTing-Lela CourregesLela’s eyes really popped open. It is noticeable her eyes showed no life or happiness. Her face is now nearly perfectly balance left to right and she became more vibrant right before my eyes. NESTing-Mysti LucasMysti changed physically right in front of my eyes! She started tearing up as soon as she sat down, somehow knowing she was in for a unique experience. Notice how bright her eyes became and how much more color she has in her face, that’s due to better circulation. NESTing-Nancy Blott Nancy is an amazing woman who despite the years she’s been around, she was fairly clear of any negative emotions. There were more subtle differences in the structure of her face like the brightness of her eyes and her cheeks became more balanced.NESTing-Nealy ZurlenYou can see the obvious difference in Nealy’s cheeks. Notice how much more balanced they are. She came to life right in front of me! NESTing-Posy Summers Posy’s face changed drastically. Notice how pale she was and how much better her circulation became so the color in her face became more normal. Also notice how her eyes are more bright and the curve of her lips instead of going down is more straight across.NESTing-Roselyn BriggsRoselyn does Cranial Sacral work so she understood immediately what this process would do for her. You can tell how much happier she looks and how much more balanced her cheeks are. NESTing-StanleyStanley was one of the most dramatic results of the day. She not only looks ten years younger but the physical differences in her face are drastic. The next day, one person at the fair told me they had never seen her act so happy.



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