NESTing-frontcoverNeuro-Emotional antiSabotage Technique

This book is designed to help you discover and apply resources which will help you remove every negative emotion you have ever been exposed to by your parents, siblings, friends, teachers, relationships, church, media and all others exposures everyone of us is bombarded with over our lifetime!

These negative inputs keep us from living the life we deserve. They keep us from being who we are meant to be and chain us to a sense of false reality which will never support us in our path to living a fulfilled life.

You can let go of the fear of flying, speaking, meeting new people, finding the love of your life, crossing a bridge or even simply discovering your true passions in life!

Imagine being able to make decisions based on current information rather than being controlled by your past. You will finally have the tools and techniques to be who you are meant to be!



This is one of most drastic changes I have ever seen. On the Left, Gina has sad eyes and her smile doesn’t reach her eyes. On the Right, Gina is bright, alert and a genuine smile that truly reaches her eyes.


Look at the difference between the color in David’s face. You can also see the difference in the brightness in his eyes with the negative emotions removed.


Marilyn had taken on the care of her mother putting her personal life on hold for 30 years. She never felt entitled to enjoy a boyfriend or family of her own. It’s like she came alive right in front of me and you can see how the left and right sides of her face are very much the same size after a session.

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NeuroEmotional a …

Sharyn Abbott


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