The Process

NESTing – Neuro Emotional antiSabotage Technique

The process came about over a period of eight years. I experienced the first component, Network Chiropractic from a Chiropractor. This was the first time I experienced Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) to determine answers to questions about the issue at hand.

I experienced the next component from another chiropractor who had added the Neuro Emotional aspect. He had added the connection of traumatic emotions to the physical trauma. But he also had a unique ability to connect subconsciously with his patient’s subconsciousness.

This was an aspect that can not be taught.

Even though I repeatedly asked him if he was physic, he always denied any ability to have knowledge outside of his consciousness. But when working with him, memories I did not have from my childhood in my consciousness surfaced and through his process I was able to recall original events that triggered specific emotional trauma.

The next aspect came about after I had breast cancer, which was a culmination of a nine year health crisis. Each experience seemed to open up my consciousness to a new level of subconscious awareness. This culminated into an ability to emotionally connect with others and mirror their emotional challenges.

The final aspect came about after I had my 12 strands of DNA activated. It was then I began to have “knowings” which I don’t believe have a physic basis, but a subconscious connection to who I am working with.

I am able to ask their subconscious what their major concern. Then I asked them to learn how to use Applied Kinesiology (AK) by rubbing their fingers together to know the relevance of the instance from a 1 to a 10, 10 being the most traumatic hold on them.


Client Complaint: They can’t seem to cultivate a romantic relationship that lasts beyond a few short months. They believe they are doing everything they can to be open an honest with the men they date, but the relationship always ends at the hand of who they have been dating. Her age was 36 and approaching the window of the “baby clock” ticking very loudly.

After I instructed her on how to use AK, we identify the event to be a 9, one of high emotional charge. Silently communicating with her subconscious I ask if the original event pertained to her mother, father, brothers, sisters, relatives, teachers, etc. The strongest reaction is to her father. Then I ask her subconscious if the event happened when she was 1-5, 5-10 and get a positive reaction to 5-10.

It turned out her father left her mother when she was six years old, the summer before she began the first grade. Oddly enough, she had never had a relationship that lasted beyond six months. The recurrence of “6” in relationship to her dating was not a coincidence.

The next component of the process involves a series, the first addressing the emotional aspect of the occurrence. While hold the left (emotional or creative side of the brain) hand over the forehead. While I tap upward from the base of the spine to the base of the neck, the clients is exhaling while imagining the negative emotional effects are being blown out with each breath. This is repeated three times.

Then switching to the right (logical or analytical side of the brain) hand over the forehead and repeating the process of tapping up the spine three times which this time the client releases the logic or illogical point of view of the event.

At the completion of each set of three we repeat the process of rubbing the fingers together while asking the results ranking. Typically the results will be reduce by two to five points after each set of the series.

The process is repeated until the ranking result registers one or less.

But like an onion, once a specific emotional dysfunction has been cleared, another appears. Ideally, we uncover and address one aspect at each session.

Rarely, a specific emotional dysfunction has to be addressed more than one time. But that is generally a result of a very deep seated event such as a drastic abuse.

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