Mind Control

When I went to Los Angeles in November for an event I heard one of the women said Belize. It’s where I am building a school for kids at risk. It turned out she owns a home there and her friend lives there full time. We have since become good friends and she has introduced me to several people who are influential

in Belize, including a man who owns a thousand acres and has said he would like to help with the school in any manner he can.
I even had a woman approach me at the event when she saw the picture of the school and told me she “had to introduce me to a friend of hers in Belize.”
It turned out her friend has the largest income producing business in all of Belize. She is also interested in helping with the school.
It seems as though every few days I have some form of miracle show up and I believe in part it is because of the Theta Sound wave and also because I am doing exactly what I am meant to do.

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