I had nine pine trees in a arch in front of the house and about thirty rose pushes which were in full bloom. My vegetable garden was in perfect rows and very well groomed. It was delightful to see the bird’s eye view of my home.
It was a gorgeous May day and the next thing I noticed as I rose in elevation was the entire coastline of California. The ocean was gently lapping on the beach and it was a beautiful day. I felt peaceful and not concerned at what I saw or from the experience what so ever.
Then there was complete darkness. I thought I had must have arrived too quickly. After all, when you die you are to be greeted by family, friends, flowers, music and light. I didn’t know how I knew that, but I did.
Well, maybe they were coming from the left. I glanced toward the left but what I saw was amazing. I could imagine a specific time and the events of that time would unfold right in front of me. It became obvious how groups of people would repeat coming together at different eras, joined by others while some didn’t return. I was able to witness several lifetimes I had shared with several people who I was in contact with during this life time.

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