Accidents Happen

I had been in a car accident where the car behind me slammed into me and the result was a severe whip lash. If I turned to the left to see if the lane was clear to change into, my chin would end up stuck pointing towards my left shoulder. The chiropractor I had been seeing was not able to make any headway over the first month, so I decided to consult a doctor.

It was the same doctor’s office I had been undergoing Proliferation treatments for about 14 months. It involved the doctor injecting a serum between my fourth and fifth cervical vertebrae. Everything went well up until that point.

This time however, as the doctor turned to the left to place the syringe on the table I began to fall forward off the examination table. I watched from the corner of the ceiling as he caught me and laid me down.

Then I saw as though dreaming, the roof of his office building, which I noted was tar and gravel. I thought it was odd since I had just replaced the tar and gravel roof on my house the week before. No sooner had I noticed the roof when I saw my house which was about five miles across town.

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