This was one of the most interesting sessions I had experienced. What was most different was she was the first one who matched everything I was seeing. My experience was much like a dream state while be conscious. The first images I saw was where I was standing on a mountain top looking out into the horizon with whom I decided was my guide.

The guide had male energy though neither of us were a particular gender. He was explaining to me “If you choose these parents it’s going to be a lot of work!”

“Yes but if I choose them, I won’t have to go back again!” it made perfect sense to me.
“You have no idea how difficult this is going to be.” he pleaded with me.

I could see in this dream state the movie of my life unfolding and how full of challenges it would be. But I was so sure I told my guide “I can handle it!”

There were several other images, but this is the one that made a profound difference with me. Suddenly I understood my struggles as being part of my educational process. Now I had to admit to myself, I was the one who chose these lessons and they were for my benefit.

Granted, it did not help me heal my heart or ease my mind as to the cruelty exhibited by my mother, but the pieces were beginning to come together.

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