I thought, maybe they were coming from the right. But instead, it was all of the future waiting to unfold. If I made one choice, other opportunities would appear. Immediately I understood we always have choice. We are capable of defining which path we will follow.
I was surrounded by all knowledge of all time. It was not overwhelming, but very natural.
Then I looked in front of me and realized I felt as though I was floating. I noticed something quite a distance away. I felt as though I was squinting and when it began to come into focus, I realized it was my body but so far away it seemed it was nothing more than a spec.
Suddenly I slammed back into my body seeming from under the doctor’s table and abruptly jerked back to consciousness. I believed I had screamed “No!” all the way back into my body, but both the nurse and the doctor assured me I had uttered a sound.
They had already called the ambulance to take me to the hospital as they had used the paddles on me twice. I had no pulse from 1:40.
Needless to say, we were all a bit frightened by the experience, but I insisted I go home and even tried to convince them I was capable of driving myself home. I lost that argument, but it was a small concession.

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