After my third near death experience, I spent the next two years feeling angry because I had come back to my body. I was fed up with the constant pain and loved the feeling of the freedom I had experienced while I was not within my body.

Needless to say, we agreed that was to be the last of my proliferation treatments.

I continued to pursue various meditation courses and various events where I thought I might find further enlightenment. I met a woman who had been in a car accident where she was thrown through the windshield. She was lying unconscious on the street when she realized a woman was standing over her praying for her safety.

Rebecca had eight surgeries for all of her broken bones. She had two additional plastic surgeries on her face. It took more than a year-and-a-half before she was able to walk. When she was able to, she had her police office brother locate the woman who had prayed for her and she went to her house to thank her. She told the woman it was her prayers that drew her back to her body when she knew she was not meant to survive the accident.

It was a profound moment for both of the women. But what interested me was Rebecca told me the story of how she had left her body, it was the exact same experience as mine had been, to the very last detail.

Events happen to put us in the right place at the right time whether it is to learn from that experience or to connect with someone we need to be in contact with. Everything is on purpose and every person serves a purpose in our journey.

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