And that was when I started to see the chiropractor who did the NETwork chiropractic. It was different that the other chiropractors I had seen who also did NETwork. He included an emotional component unlike anything I had ever seen or experienced. He started with Applied Kinesiology asking a series of questions until he received an affirmative response from the muscle testing.

He would start by asking, “Is this the primary incident?”

“Did it occur between 1 and 5 years of age?”

“5 and 10 years?” Then when he receives the affirmative response he moved on to more questions.

“Did this involve your parents?”




“Siblings” When he receives the affirmative response he moved on.

“Did it involve love?”

“Did it involve anger?”

“Did it involve abandonment?”

“Did it involve fear?”

“Did it involve loss?”

“Did it involve embarrassment?”

He would continue until he isolated the incident. After he had revealed the issue, he would start at the base of my spine while telling me to take a deep breath and blow out all of the air as he would pound up my spine.

He would check by muscle testing me whether there were any further incidents or whether the effect had been removed. There were times when he had to repeat the process several times before a specific incident was neutral energetically.

For an entire year, once a week, we addressed the issues with my parents. Incidents I had no memory of surfaced, one after another.

What happened was I began to feel lighter. It’s hard to imagine feeling weighed down emotionally unless you’ve ever experienced it yourself, but negative emotions hold us down, not only in experiencing our lives joyfully, but there is a physical component to the negativity.

I worked with an American Indian Shaman in the 90s and was exposed to energetic healing. He was working on my health issues, but of course our conversations encompassed many other degrees of dysfunction.

One day he asked about my relationship with my parents and I told him it was about as far from ideal as could have imagined. I knew several people who had been adopted and wondered if they hadn’t been spared from the abuses I had endured by having been given the opportunity to be raised by people who choose to raise them.


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