The abuse Karen experienced with Kevin when he lost everything he thought he valued in his career was a reflection of his feeing out of control. He related that to feeling out of control when he was nine and in the classroom. It was embedded in his subconscious and each incident emotionally felt the same.

The effects of NESTing usually takes on a multitude of feelings such as being euphoric, spacey, tired, sleepy or light headed. It is a very common reaction when the stress of any emotion is suddenly removed. Some get weak from the changes physically and emotionally.

What Kevin experienced was beyond what I had experienced prior to meeting him. He startled me in his immediate recognition of the process and how it affected him in his daily lifestyle.

He was more than enthusiastic in embracing the concept of being able to change how he believed he could work through the process.  He was more than enthusiastic in looking at what he could do to move through the challenges that had been holding him back from realizing what he truly wanted his life to represent.


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