Learned Behavior

Stress is the number one cause of poor health and even death. It is not only a mental state but it is takes on physical connotations as well.

More heart attacks happen on Monday morning than all the other days combined. I have often said we would rather have our heart attack us than go to the job we hate or can barely tolerate one more day.

Working at a job we don’t enjoy is a form of abuse. Who eve said that anyone should have to work at something, just to survive financially when we don’t like the job?

According to the Internal Revenue Service, only one in eight people do something they enjoy to earn their income. No matter how you look at it, that is wrong.

The stress of working in such jobs is often carried home and then is inflicted on the rest of the family. Instead of nurturing healthy loving family relationships, chaos and mayhem prevail. Children are often impacted and marriages suffer the consequences as well.

This is learned behavior and therefore, we are capable of learning a better was of managing stress. Learning how you best manage stress is important. Because if you don’t manage it well, it will manage you.

The importance of that statement is astounding. Each of us needs to learn to conqueror our stress. When I as audiences where stress comes from I get answers such as “my job”, “worrying about bills”, “my children”, “my spouse” and all of the every day occurrences.

In reality, stress comes from your imagination. Since you imagine it, you can just as easily imagine a different scenario.




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