If you look back on your life, you will likely begin to realize you have a pattern of your own. The long term effect of experiencing abuse when we are children and have no control over our situation creates various scenarios throughout our lives to give us an opportunity to correct our reactions to the abuse. The lesson is meant to let us learn how to gain control of our lives and the outcome of these similar situations. But until we recognize it, we can’t do anything about it. Too often, we are so busy being the victim we can’t see the lesson and that is why we keep repeating the same scenario.

We are not taught to observe our lives as a lesson. We are generally only living our lives in a reactionary method, especially when we feel like a victim.

By the time I left the sales consultant position, I had worked myself into a frenzy of multiple health issues. They were brought on by the stress of the environment, a manager who had no respect for a female in sales and ridiculous quota increases. Every time I met my quota, they would increase it, even doubling it one time. The pressure was tremendous, but it was familiar as well.

Part of my pattern was to put myself in a situation where most people would believe it was impossible to accomplish what was set before me. Then when I did succeed, I had a great sense of achievement. It was my way of trying to feel as though I had value. But the cost of the achievement often left me in poor health and with dire emotional repercussions.


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