A friend of mine in London is experiencing a very bitter divorce. It is painful for him to be separated from the two children he loves with all his heart.

I told him I would work with him and see if I could remedy the emotional turbulence he is experience.

When people experience negativity through trauma or specific events such as divorce, they are more likely to avoid resolution and more likely to embrace the knee jerk reactions they have f0und comforting in coping with the pain they have felt.

We all have to experience negativity to be able to develop into the people we are meant to be. Every lesson leads to a wealth of information that guides us to the next level of learning we need to experience.

As painful as divorce may be, it is merely the means to developing a new level of learning. Each experience we have is to help us develop into who we are meant to be. Each experience helps us develop into the person we are meant to be.

It is the lessons we learn in life that lead us to the path we are meant to live. We are able to find contentment and resolution in seeing what it is to be more content in our lives.

What we have been given in this life is an opportunity to learn and grow from this lifetime. What we do with that opportunity is up to us.