Negative Emotions

Everyone is exposed to negative emotions at one time or another. Some are exposed to negativity on a regular basis. Those are the people who struggle to make sense of their reactions and emotions.

It too often occurs most people struggle with managing their feelings. The bury them, they ignore them or they turn to substance abuse to cover up their reactions to the level of emotional pain they experience.

It is rare that anyone learns to deal with the emotional turmoil, let alone learn the process of healing the pain and anxiety. It holds people back from being able to be present in the moment and live their life on purpose.

We spend so much time and money on entertainment, education and recreational processes, but until we heal our soul’s we will not be able to live our lives in peace and harmony. We absolutely have to learn what it will take to eliminate the negativity we carry around.

There are many processes that will alleviate the depth of emotion pain including Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Rapid Eye Movement (REM) and a process that I developed, Neuro Emotional antiSabotage Technique (NESTing). Each process works for some more than others. But whatever it takes, seek out the process that will remove the negative emotion you have been exposed to and learn how to be present in your life.

You will learn to be at peace and see the lessons we have to live through to gain the knowledge we are meant to learn.