Menstrual Cramps

My friend came over last night and was feeling a bit under the weather. She had Menstrual Cramps and was even rocking back and forth holding her stomach.

I remember feeling exactly like that for days, every month. It was awful and nothing seemed to help. I used to take Midol but it’s not available in the same strength any longer.

I ask her if I could try the Neuro-Emotional technique with her and she agreed. We checked the rating of the logical level of her cramps, it registered at a 7. The emotional level registered at a 6.

It took three rounds of the neuro-emotional process to reduce the logical level to a 1. That is nearly non existent. It is a great results for less than 5 minutes of work.

It took three rounds to reduce the emotional level to a 1 as well. It’s funny to me, but there is a definite difference in someone when they are not in pain, for sure. But the difference in not having the physical restrictions pain imparts.

I love that it took less than ten minutes. It was such a treat for me to be able to help her.

She truly enjoyed the rest of the evening too!

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