Interrupting Responses

Have you ever responded to a situation before you had a chance to think about your response? It was a knee jerk response. When we are subjected to a situation that forces us into fight or flight mode we have a tendency to revert to the patterns we are the most comfortable.

You might find that you say negative statements or berate yourself. There is a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) technique where you wear a rubber band around your wrist and every time you find yourself saying or doing something you don’t want to do extend the rubber band and snap it.

I don’t believe in injuring myself so I came up with a new way of accomplishing the same thing. Place the tip of your index finger at the tip of your thumb and flick your finger at the

base of your wrist about where your pulse is. You should feel a tingling in your finger tips and if you could feel it, you have about the same feeling in your brain.

This is called a pattern interrupt. You can break the cycle of how you respond and change your reaction. One of the statements I hear people say all the time is “This . . . . is to die for!” When in actuality, if it’s that good it should be to “live for.”

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