I have no idea what gave me the idea I could be capable of such a monumental task, but we did manage to get through the three years without too many mishaps. I learned a lot about myself and found out years later how much he appreciated what I had done.

Relationships take turns; get bumpy at times and sometimes hit dead ends. When it involves our families, it is more challenging since we all seem to be under the impression we are supposed to love each other unconditionally. It is wonderful when you experience that level of family connection, but I don’t believe it is as typical as it could be.

Parents often believe they are doing their best to help their children by recommending a different direction than what they would like to pursue. Children might interpret it as criticism. Parents might not realize how they had to spread their own wings and fly solo until they could soar gracefully through their lives. And then, how many parents actually accomplish that feat?

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