Overcome Abuse

It is best to start with small steps. Practice with people you work with, then your family. Each success will give you more self confidence. Every milestone should be celebrated.
When I achieve something new, even writing a new book, I reward myself. Whatever I accomplish deserves to be acknowledged. Sometimes the rewards are small and seemingly insignificant to an observer, such as taking an entire day off (which is very rare for me because I enjoy what I do). Other times I will make a purchase of a ring or a watch or even a new outfit for speaking. It’s my way of giving me a pat on the back.
I believe it’s important to acknowledge the wins in life. I believe it creates a momentum and more successes follow. At least that is how it has worked for me.
Recently I had someone tell me they were bored. I can’t imagine being bored. In fact I’m not sure I have ever spent a moment being bored even during a class lecture I wasn’t fond of because my imagination takes over and I can project myself into a more pleasure consciousness.
I probably developed the habit as an early coping mechanism when I was a child because I can’t remember a time when I didn’t practice the technique.
There are many types of coping mechanisms. My mother read constantly. She could escape the reality of her world by emerging herself into the stories.
Some people cope by avoiding what is bothering them. I have done that at times when I felt I needed a break from working so hard on the processes.
There are also those who avoid what they don’t want to work on by using alcohol or drugs. And probably the most frequent technique is to be in complete denial.

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