Case in Point

Case in Point

I had met Roger fromEnglandthrough one of the very early Social Media sites and we struck up a fun relationship. Then one day he told me he had to come toAmericato find properties for the company he worked for because they wanted to develop large residential projects.

He spent the first week inLos Angelesand then he came up to the San Francisco Bay Area where I live. I had scouted a number of properties which were ideal for his projects and we had a great time together.

But the third day he was with me he told me he was going to move out of his house and file a divorce from his wife. It was the typical, “we haven’t been happy for years” “she doesn’t listen to me any more” “we live separate lives anyway” type of explanation.

The major challenge with this was he still had a nine year old daughter at home and he was planning on moving intoLondonwhich was an hour away from their home.

I told him if he distanced himself from his daughter she would spend her young adult years chasing after boys to replace the void she would feel from the absence of having a relationship with her father.

It shocked him! He had never thought there would be any repercussions, especially that drastic, to his daughter.

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