Cause and effect are at work. I don’t know what the long term effects might be, but in observance of his life I can understand his need to escape his reality. One of the positive effects of his drug addiction is neither of his three children do drugs. One of the most negative effects is his daughter feels responsible for his well being. She developed a rescue pattern when she was eleven and she has yet to reconcile with the effects.

She has taken the first step however; she has acknowledged it and she even wrote a story about it. But who is to say if she should change her protective nature where her father is concerned. We can never love too much. Only those who are not aware will take advantage of unconditional love children have for their parents.

We are born perfect, it is our environment that diminishes the perfection through time.

What we experience as children often becomes a life long pattern of cause and effect. The first step to changing dysfunctional patterns is to recognize the pattern. Once you acknowledge the pattern, then set out a game plan to alter the pattern.

You might have others in your family who has established patterns which are recognizable. Someone who has difficulty keeping a relationship for any length of time has created a pattern as a result of a lack of trust or an inability to truly open themselves up to another person. They might be afraid of being hurt or were not properly nurtured as a child.

I have often met people who are dating within a week or a month of a break up. They spend no time healing or observing what went wrong, they just jump back into another relations and it is usually the same type of relationship they repeat over and over again.


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