Ending Abuse

Whether you are being abused or you are the abuser, it has to stop! Nothing good will ever come from an abusive relationship. But almost always, something terrible happens.

So how can we stop abuse? The first step is to acknowledge the behavior. Then ask someone for help and guidance. Make sure you have several resources including where you can live, money to live on, clothing for at least a week and make sure you don’t tell others where you are staying.

Often those who are subjected to abuse are stalked by their partners. One thing a typical abuser does not want is to loose control over the person they are abusing.

They will go to great lengths to prevent a separation or a divorce. But imagine if this is the best it will ever get for you. What would your life be like if you had to deal live with abuse the rest of your life?

I know they always apologize and promise it will never happen again, but how often will you listen to the same apology before you realize they have no control over their reactions when the feel threatened, they’re angry or even just frustrated.

Unless they choose to change their behavior on their own and seek professional help to understand how they can make the changes, it will not be likely they will be able to make any significant difference in their reactions.

I’ve always wondered “what would happen if no one put up with abusive relationships?”

With the NESTing process the core reasons for abuse can be diminished if not completely eliminated. What holds people back from such a drastic change in their behavior is it is difficult for people to admit they have a problem and even more difficult to make the effort to conqueror such a difficult learned behavior.


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