Financial Abuse

When people experience financial abuse, it might include someone they trust withholding money as a means of manipulation. When we were young our parents with threaten to withhold our fifty cent allowance if all of our chores weren’t done. At some point it can be abusive.

Adult relationships might be to argue over money or challenging the right for one partner to spend on specific items. It is considered abuse if one of the parties involved feels a negative emotion from the experience.

Many working couples began to keep separate accounts and had a shared household account. Then they never had to ask permission or explain why they had spent funds. It is a much better solution to the potential problem.

Not everyone is aware when they are in an abusive relationship. There are times when it begins in a subtle manner and then escalates over the years. But it is so gradual the person being abused understands they feel uncomfortable but they also feel trapped and feel as though they are unable to change their situation.

There will always be more work there is to inform those who are in abusive relationships. They must take a stand to overcome their situation. The more often those who are being abused stand up for themselves, even if they have to leave a relationship behind, the more the collective population will realize abuse is unacceptable regardless of the level or the person who is being abusive.

The best possible solution to living in a household where someone feels abused is to find a way to change their environment, get help and work on a way of healing from the experience. Seek outside help or that of friends and family. Most people are sympathetic to someone they care about who is in an abusive relationship.

There are shelters all over the world today who take in women, a few take in men. They are safe havens and provide many resources including resume writing, job search, counseling, wardrobes and even educational skill development to help residents obtain better jobs.

Some churches also have programs that help for short term or interim situations. All of these resources are of no charge to the recipient.

It is my belief when people put up with abusive relationships they are teaching their children it is alright to be abused. They also learn by example how to be in a relationship. Are women to be mistreated and not respected? The message comes out loud and clear to the always observant child.

Besides, even if you don’t have any children, you owe it to yourself to live a harmonious life and enjoy every day you have to live.


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