Once I conquered the ability to say no, the next challenge was nearly as difficult. I needed to learn to stop working 16 -18 hours a day and have more of a social life.

I had hired a personal coach and he insisted I take the time to re-engage with friends and make a point of going out with them at least once a week. I had fallen into a rut. I worked, I slept. That was about it. So it was my assignment to take the time to meet with friends and take long lunches, see a movie at a theatre and go out to dinner.

You would have thought he told me to learn to press 250 pounds in two weeks. It was a major challenge for me. My friends had gotten use to me not being available on any regular basis. They made allowances for me. They were very understanding, but it was not fair to them. I had to take the time to be with them and truly be with them in the moment. You know, instead of checking my phone, thinking about emails and what I had to do the next day.

I was so pleased with myself when I realized I had gone through eight weeks and had been with friends at least once a week. I then became overconfident and began to slack off and then had to start all over again.

I realized I truly enjoyed being with my firends and it was a major adjustment. I had to give up the comfort of just staying at home and make the time to interact with my friends. It was rejuvenitating and soothing to take time out from all the hours I was used to spending on the computer.

The best part was I was building memories and stronger relationships. The more often we got together, the more we bonded and developed a whole new bond with each other than will take us beyond what we had experienced previously.

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