I continued to work with my friend’s daughter as I knew her job wasn’t the only issue. Her grandmother had passed away the year before and her parents had divorced about six years ago. No matter how well parents handle splitting up the family, children are sure to have some emotional repercussions. If those issues are not dealt with, their future relationships will suffer.

I subconsciously asked if the issue involved her family and sure enough she had the feeling that she had missed out on having a complete family. It also made her feel like she had no control over her own life.

She did get a bit emotional when we talked about how much it had effected her, but even her grandmother passing and the cancer counseling the doctors had insisted she participate in had a major effect on her feeling of being in control.

The logical component was an 8 and the emotional issue was a 7. We had to work four rounds on each aspect before we were able to reduce the reactions to a 1.

When we were finished, she was laughing and telling stories about growing up. She sat back on the couch yoga style with both her feet tucked tightly under her.