Have you ever know children who were neglected?

It happens all too often! Parents get wrapped up in the issues of day-to-day living and forget their children have to have consistent attention.

When 65% if all the children under 12, in the United States don’t see their parents during the work week, there is definitely something wrong with what we have created as acceptable for our families.

The challenge is first and foremost the children are raised by strangers or by the television. Either way, the children don’t learn how to become vulnerable enough to be open to being loved and loving in return.

When they develop adult relationships they don’t know how to be in love, they know they’re attracted to someone but they just can’t seem to be vulnerable enough to let someone in completely.

It is one of the reasons so many people have affairs. If they actually were in love, rather than loving their partner, they could not possibly cheat on their spouse.

It is so sad to think someone could go throughout their whole live and never learn to be in love.  They have no idea what they have missed out on. Even when they end up getting a divorce, they are more angry than hurt by loosing their relationship.