Your Work

One of my good friend’s daughter hurt her back at work about six weeks ago. It just kept getting worse, so she has applied for disability, but the insurance company has been dragging their feet.

Today her pain was so bad she called her mother in tears. Of course I said she should come over and once she got here I started talking to her about her back.

It is important to tread lightly at first. Not everyone is willing to look at the emotional component of their pain.

I asked her how she felt about her job and she admitted she wasn’t happy working there any more. She originally loved what she was doing, but the paper work and the rest of the employees trying to get out of the work had taken away her joy of working there.

When I asked if she would be open to working with me on the neuro-emotional technique, she agreed to do so.

When I checked out what her prominent issue was with her back pain it did turn out it was because she felt the job was a burden. The issue was a seven logically and a 6 emotionally.

We did three passes before we got both logic and emotions to register at a 1. She was even sitting up straight for the first time in an hour.