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This blog is dedicated to those who have been exposed to emotional challenges and have a desire to shed the effects. Most have no clue. The try varies therapies, drinking and even drugs to alleviate the ill effects of emotional dysfunction. The worse case is when the ignore it. Eventually it becomes impossible to tip toe around and they end up with an emotional eruption.

If it hadn’t been for being forced into discovering how to survive five times when doctors told me I had less than six months to live, I’m not sure I would have ever been exposed to these phenomenal concepts.

I survived spleen, kidney, pituitary gland, gall bladder and liver failure. I survived breast cancer when I was told that the chemo was going to be impossible for me to survive with my immune system so drastically compromised. I had a heart attack and when the low blood sugar reversed to brittle diabetes, I found a way to not only bring my insulin within normal ranges, but eliminated the symptoms of the low blood sugar.

I was raised in a family where my father was a surgical nurse. His frame of reference always led to drugs and surgery. My mother and her three children were plagued with migraines, diabetes and cancer. I remember in the ’70?s when my mother was sent to San Francisco State Hospital where they drilled her head to relieve the pressure from the migraines . . . how archaic was that!

I was nine when I had the first migraine. By the time I was in my mid 20?s I began to choose my residence based on the proximity of the nearest hospital so I could get a shot of Demerol when a migraine snuck up on me. I would loose three days each time because I couldn’t get out of bed  from the after effects. Then in the mid 80’s I began to see a chiropractor for a back injury. I was about 5 minutes from his office when a the migraine symptoms (flashing lights and sensitivity to the light) began. I immediately got into his office and after one neck adjustment I never had another migraine.

Emotionally as well as physically, all dysfunctions can be altered to cause less stress and everyone can have the emotional peace they deserve.

It isn’t always easy, but NESTing is one of the most rapid processes you will ever utilize.

Free yourself from the past! Live your life in peace and harmony without the burden of the challenges you’ve experienced.


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