Grieving Loss

I was working with a client when she began to tell me about her past relationship. She had fallen deeply in love with a man she had met while attending a seminar.

A month after they had started dating he told her he was still married, but was filing for a divorce. Six months later, he was still saying he was going to get a divorce. She finally ended the relationship in February and was grieving the loss of the love she still felt for him, but knew it was impossible for her to carry on a relationship with someone who is married and has two children.

It took less than ten seconds for her to start tearing up. That’s why I asked if I could work with her.

We were at a Starbucks, but neither of us minding the public environment. I isolated the exact cause of her emotional distress and after doing the Applied Kinesiology checking to identify the level of intensity, we began the process.

There were two issues involved and they both had rankings of an 8 our of ten. The first issue was a loss of love and the second issue was believing she deserved to have the whole package.

After 30 minutes we were able to get each issue to register less than 1. That’s a great result for just a few minutes.

Results: I didn’t see her for about two weeks and she had been travelling so had spent quite a bit of time alone. She said that she never got sad when she thought of him any more and even though she had talked with him, she knew they would not end up together.