Emotional Reactions

I was back in New Orleans for an award presentation for the school I’m doing for kids at risk (UBU) and was doing a presentation about one of the concepts for the school which is to remove the emotional dysfunction from the kids. Kids at risk, at the very least will have abandonment issues, fear, anger and a whole laundry list of emotional traumas.

The next morning I was approached by a local woman who is a weight loss therapist. She asked if I would be willing to give her a session when we were done for the day. So we met and talked for a few minutes before we started the session.

She told me she visited her mother every Sunday and every Sunday she would end up feeling sad, frustrated and would end up picking a fight with her mother even though she didn’t want to.

When I checked in with her subconscious, it wasn’t about her mother at all, but how her father had left her and made her feel responsible for taking care of her mother. It was quite a surprise to her as she had never thought of it that way.

They issue registered a 9 which is a very strong emotional pull. We worked a little more than an hour to get the registration down to a 1. She was going to spend the next day with her mother so I asked her to call me on Monday.

Results: She said it was the first time since she was a little girl she had gotten through a visit with her mother without have an emotional meltdown.

Follow up: Three months later and she has not had an emotional reaction to her mother and she now has recreated her relationship with her mother to be fairly healthy and more fun than she ever thought possible.