A long-term friend of mine who has always had great success in all of her endeavors. Then when the economy took a turn for the worse in 2009, her business model took a drastic nosedive. After two years of trying various programs and projects, she was not able to break the pattern.

I had asked her several times if I could help, but it took her to get to the point of falling to an all time low emotionally before she acquiesced.

Depression is an ailment to work with. Especially when the person who is experiencing it is smart, has a great track record for success and has the ability to switch into a positive impression mode on a dime.

We had to work on issues that went back to her teenage years when her father had made it clear that “failure” was not an option. He was great about encouraging his children and truly only wanted the best for them. But all children are not created equal.

While some let words roll past them effortless, others have a tendency to take them to hear and carry the weight of those words the rest of their lives.

After 90 minutes we had tackled depression, repression, a fear of failure, an isolation issue and basic self-esteem challenges.

Results: It was difficult to get her to reveal anything specific at first, but within a few weeks she admitted that she didn’t find herself falling “into the pit” as she had originally described how she had been reacting.

I noticed about a month later when we were at an event that she was laughing effortlessly.