I was introduced to a young woman through a close friend of mine. She is 17 and her mother is a drug addict. She’s moved in with my friend temporarily because of the side effects of drug addiction. They’ve lost their apartment countless times; there is typically no food available; utilities being turned off; and the stigma of all her friends being aware of what she is exposed to in the process.

I wanted to spend some time with her to help her let go of the negative emotion that has to be a result of such exposures since she was young enough to know what it meant.

When she agreed to do the work, I was relieved. But I was very surprised that the major issue wasn’t her mother at all. Even though she had taken on the role of being the caretaker for her mother, the main issue was her father.

He had abandoned her and she felt that her mother wouldn’t have turned to drugs if he had stayed. No one can ever know for sure which event came first or what led to the other, but in her young sub-conscious mind, her father held the key to he emotional stability.

We worked for about an hour and muscle tested along the way until there was no more emotional draw on the relationship she had (didn’t have) with her father.

The results: a few months later I found out she had broken up with her boyfriend who had been abusive. She had gained self-esteem she wasn’t even aware she had been lacking. She also was able to move into her own apartment with a girlfriend and only spends a few short hours a week with her mother.