I finally got to meet up with my girlfriend that I hadn’t seen in over a year and of course we decided to have lunch at one of my favorite golf courses, overlooking the 9th hole and an amazing view of the green rolling hills.

She had been running a little bit late, so when she got there she was a little flustered. After we ordered a glass of wine and decided what we wanted to have for lunch, I told her that she had a rash that looked like Hives.

She told me that she always gets Hives when she’s stressed. It started on her chest, rose to her neck and then her ears. Eventually is spreads to her entire body.

She knew about the NESTing work I had been doing and was very open to trying it since she had been experiencing the HIVES since she was a little girl.

The restaurant was too noisy so we went outside and saw there was a hotel in the same parking lot. We went into the lobby and found a quiet corner so we would be too conspicuous.

The process is non-invasive and fairly simple.

The actual issue registered an 8 and was due to a traumatic event that happened when she was a little girl. She was going to a church event and her mother was running late. When she go to the event the leader pointed out in front of everyone that she was never able to show up on time. She was so embarrassed, he heart started pumping overly fast and she ended up with her first case of the Hives.

It was a repeated reaction from that point on.

But after a half hour, we got the reaction down to a 1 when is negligent.

Results: So far, so good. She has often been late since our meeting, but has not once been subject to the a re-occurance of the Hives.