Commitment Phobia

A close friend of mine asked if I would be open to working with a dear friend of hers. She explained he not only had a fear of commitment, but he had a difficult time with physical contact. It made him extremely uneasy, even with his family.

We met at a hotel where I knew we would have some privacy out at the pool area. At first we talked for about an hour so I could get a good read on who he was and what his primary focus was.

Quite often when someone is referred to me it is for a different reason than what they might have chosen.

So I had to ask his subconscious what the real issue was. It turned out that the major issue was a lack of self-esteem. It registered to be a 9 out of 10. That is an extreme concern.

We worked for about an hour on several previous exposures he had lived through. We managed to get three areas to register less than a one. The other two were Commitment and Physical contact.

Results: I was able to follow up with him the next time I saw him and he said he hadn’t noticed any difference. But when I talked with my friend she told me the next time she saw him he gave her a big hug and a kiss immediately!