I have a client who originally came to me to learn how to become a professional speaker. After the first class I told her she needed to learn business practices more than speaking although they could go hand-in-hand.

We worked together for more than two years before the conversation came around to why she was having difficulty making calls. She loves the health related business she’s in, but having the discipline to make the calls, follow up,  organizational skills, time management and all the pertinent skills it takes to be successful, have been just at arms length away.

She was fortunate in that her adoptive parents had left her and her sister their home and she had an income that took care of the basics. But the extra income always evaded her.

When she agreed to work with me doing the NESTing process I found the issue was not directly related to her business but to her step parents who had felt it necessary to try and do everything for her and her sister because they felt so bad the girls had lost their parents. It left her feeling incapable of handling anything of consequence. She ended up avoiding learning the skills that would make it easier for her to become more successful.

We worked for about an hour to get the initial ranking of feeling incapable from a 7 down to a 1.

Results: She has launched a new phase of her business which requires people to come to her rather than her having to go after new clients. She finds she is much happier in her business than before.