I mentioned working with the couple where he wouldn’t commit to marriage after 20 years of living together. He was an excellent business man and she is an artist. He had sold three retail businesses and was learning to develop websites.

When I worked with him, he felt he had been doing everything right and his partner was not living up to her potential. It was very hard for him to avoid judging her for her lack of business skills.

After talking for an hour about his concerns, his point of view was he wouldn’t continue the relationship unless she changed and became more financially responsible. She did contribute about 50% of their household expenses, but rarely had extra funds to instigate in activities he considered fun.

Once we began the NESTing session it became obvious he had been overly controlled by his father. He had grown up in New York with a very successful father who was a suit maker. Anything other than success was not acceptable.

The results of the muscle testing was an 8. He felt his father’s influence was a major control issue in his life. Even though her loved and respected his father, he suddenly realized how it had inspired him to be judgmental of many others through out his life.

Within 15 minutes we got the issue to register 0 and I actually saw a difference in his face. It had become softer and actually changed his appearance.

Results: Within three months they became married.