We all have a past, it’s part of living. Some are more comfortable letting go of their past, understanding it is the lessons that are important and not the circumstances.

A friend in San Diego say “It’s okay to look at the past, just don’t stare!”

If you can learn from your experiences but not let them interfere with you life today you will have more peace of mind and that is a precious commodity.

I was one of the very guilty ones who always rehashed everything I did, what I said and came up with multiple alternatives to what had actually happened. It drove me crazy and kept me from focusing on what was happening in the present. Besides it left me exhausted and frustrated!

It took a lot of work but I finally found the resources to help me let go of the past, learn from my experiences and allow me to stay present in my life.

I slept better, laughed more and developed a better relationship with those around me. People actually commented on the change in me.

If you’re tired of letting your past weigh you down and nag at you, you can change with a little help. It doesn’t take a year or even a month and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the differences it will make in your life.

Just send me an email and we can talk about how to get started!

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