Sexual Abuse

I don’t know if we would ever know for sure what the answer would be. If anyone intervened on her behalf, would she learn her lesson on how to deal with being physically abused? I know it’s a major dilemma. I’ve never discovered a definitive answer.

Getting through the trauma of physical abuse will take more effort than using a process such as EFT. Most often it will require a conscious effort to overcome all reactions. Counseling might prove to be effective for some; others might want to take self-defense classes to increase self-esteem.

One of the best results I had was using EFT to healing the physical pain and emotional pain. It was a long tedious process, but very effective.

Sexual Abuse is the most devastating as far as I’m concerned. It is a personal invasion which can not be healed under normal circumstances without drastic long term measures. Most never do recover without outside help.

Some would react by not having the ability to trust. Without trust, a functional relationship could not be possible. Yet how could someone learn to trust after experiencing such a volatile violation?

I was molested from the time I was three until I was five when I threw a temper tantrum and refused to go into the neighbor’s house. I was raped when I had just turned 15 and I was so ashamed as though I had done something wrong. The sweet man I married went to Viet Nam and came back a very angry man. He could only be angry in every interaction we had. My life was a long stream of abuses. Was it a coincidence or a pattern set up when I was three years old? Would it ever be possible for me overcome the attraction to those who abuse?


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