It is more difficult to forgive repeated abuse and each incident causes more of a distance between the abuser and the one they are abusing.

Emotional abuse could include within each of the abuses. Anytime there is an emotional reaction, there is emotional abuse. Emotional abuse is most often one of the more difficult to overcome.

Some people seek help through counseling and it works for them to be able to talk through their feelings. Some people react in become introverts, they withdraw to protect themselves and not show any reactions. While others strike out, it will then typically add to the challenge of being in a dysfunctional environment. It breeds additional trauma which in turn becomes a revolving door with no end in sight.

There are several self-help techniques I have become aware of throughout my work. The first one and the most well known among practitioners is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). It involves tapping specific points on the body to create a pattern interrupt which will break the cycle of that specific emotional reaction.

It is simple for anyone to learn and easily performed in any location. One of the reasons I like to recommend the process is it gives everyone an opportunity to be in control of their emotions and reactions immediately. One of the additional benefits is when someone has been through repeated emotional abuse; they loose their sense of control which will in turn lead to negative self-esteem issues. Simply knowing someone has the control to alter their emotional reaction will empower them. The technique instructions are available in the Resource chapter.


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