I was talking with a potential client when I recognized some of the tail tell signs of someone who should be successful but is always on the verge of success. Some people label it as the fear of success, others believe it’s Karma.

I believe anything and everything can be healed.

It is always difficult for me to delve into someone’s personal life. Were they traumatized as a child? Were they molested? Did they have supportive parents or were they abused?

It brings up memories of my childhood and that’s what makes it difficult it’s true, but just as difficult is I don’t always believe people want to face their past and deal with their demons.

So I broached the subject: “Would you mind if I did some work with you?”

The typical answer is “What kind of work?”

After all, we’re usually in a public place and it is a vulnerable position to be in.

But her answer was a surprise, “I don’t mind.”

She had an immediate trust and being open to something new! What a relief!

I showed her how to rub  her fingers together and understand her yes and no then using Applied Kinesiology I asked her higher self in my thoughts, “Did the event that keeps her from success happen between the age of 1 to 5?” Her arm held strong.

“Did it occur between 5 and 10?” her arm went weak.

“Did it have to do with a family member?” her arm went weak again.

“Was it your mother?” her arm held strong

“Was it your father?” her arm went weak.

I asked her if she could remember an incident sometime between 5 and 10 where her father might have said something that made her feel inferior.

“He left us when I was 7.” she said quietly.

“Do you remember how you felt or what you thought at the time?”

“Yes. I thought he didn’t love me any more. I felt like I had done something to disappoint him and I wasn’t worthy of his love.”

A child doesn’t understand the difference between a parent leaving their spouse or leaving them as an individual. Ill conceived actions of parents leave scars on their children, sometimes for the rest of their lives.

We checked the effect and both logically and emotionally and they registered (again rubbing her fingers up and down) 7 for logically and 8 for emotionally.

We worked until each reaction was reduced down to a 1.

I’ll have to check back in with her and leave updates here to let you know the results.

It is as simple as that. Although I don’t know of anyone else who does exactly the process I do, there are many trained practitioners who do Emotional Freedom Technique (look under Resources here). Applied Kinesiology is used by many Chiropractors and therapists. There are programs such as Rapid Eye Movement and Network Chiropractic. There are always new programs being designed to help both physical and emotional dysfunctions but it is up to you to take the first step and find a process that will help you heal, in every aspect of your life.