I’m at Asilomar in Pacific Grove, CA near Monterey at the Bonfire Heights event and I’m having a great time. I have met some of the most interesting people including Chelsie Hill from the Walk and Roll Foundation. Chelsie was in a car accident because she got in a car with a friend who was drinking and now she is in a wheel chair the rest of her life.
She has taken advantage of her circumstances by chair dancing, speaking to teens about the dangers of drinking and driving and participating in the first wheel chair dance competitions. She is in her early twenties and already she has accomplished more than most people their entire lives.
She was followed by Daniel Seddiqui who after getting turned down on his quest for a job he took off around the country and ended up landing a job in each and every state. Daniel found friendly families everywhere he went. People took him into their families and helped him get to know their communities.
My friend Ruby came along with me and we decided to go out and find a place to have dinner. We went down to Cannery Rob and found Luis Linguine’s right on the water. We had a great dinner and enjoyed a bottle of Chianti too.
I think of the times when I was terrified of speaking and now, it is my passion!