I had been talking with a friend when she laughingly told me she had a fear of heights. She wasn’t able to climb a ladder, taken an elevator in high rise buildings or cross over bridges without extreme trepidation. Her fear flying went beyond all reason.

I asked her if she had an occasion she could remember that might have been the initial cause. But she couldn’t think of a time she wasn’t afraid of heights. Even as a young child she couldn’t bear to go on a Ferris wheel or roller coaster.

It hadn’t caused too many specific challenges for her except she would only fly in extreme circumstances, but never for pleasure. She wasn’t able to drive across a bridge and had to close her eyes to manage the crossing.

Of course I had to explain to her what the NESTing process could do for her. She was more than willing as most people who are uncomfortable with emotional discord controlling their lives.

We found the result of testing was her emotional difficulty registered a “7”. I found that her subconscious was aware of an initial event which happened when she was only three years old. She had been swinging on her tree swing when her older brother began to push her higher and higher until she finally fell. It then instilled in her a great fear of heights even though she was not injured very seriously.

We worked on both the emotional and logical responses until both were reduced to a “1” response which is not considerable enough to influence the conscious mind.

Results: It was a few months later she called to tell me she had overcome her fear enough to vacation in Hawaii which had always been a dream and had driven across the San Francisco Bay Bridge. She admitted to enjoying her flights to and from Hawaii but wasn’t as pleased with her shorter journey across the Bay Bridge.