One of the business clients I had been working with confided in me that he was having difficulty making decisions. It was a time in his life when he was experiencing a difficult divorce, his business suffering from distraction in the matter.

He was more than a bit concerned by the potential repercussions and had asked if I would help him redefine his marketing focus.

But as I talked with him I realized it was not as much about his business focus as it was his past influences.

I explained what I had been working with to help repair the damage of negative emotional exposure and I asked if he would be open to working with me on the NESTing process. After a bit of a discussion he agreed.

When I asked his subconscious what the main issue was it revealed it was his instigated when he was six years old and his parents had split up. He loved and trusted both of his parents as most six years old do. But he was not given any choice nor included in the discussions as to what would become of him. The rest of his life he believed he was subjected to others controlling his life by making up decisions that affected him.

When rubbing our fingers up and down to determine the level of seriousness, it was a nine, which was very serious indeed.

We worked for more than an hour to reduce the seriousness to a non-consequential “1”. We were able to remove both the logical and emotional reaction to his parent’s consequential divorce.

Results: Although he continued to struggle with his divorce and the sparse amount of time he was able to spend with his children, he was able to re-focus his concentration on his marketing efforts. He gained a renewed sense of purpose for his business and managed to increase his revenues drastically.