One of the clients of a friend who is a a leadership consultant referred me a friend of his who was struggling to find new clients. The odd thing was all the years previous, he had an amazing list of clients.

He thought it might be the economy, but in the process of loosing every single client, he also lost his house and his Lexus as well as his wife’s Mercedes. They were now living in a one bedroom apartment.

We talked for about a half hour about what had led him to this point of his life and what he felt about what he and his wife were going through. It was embarrassing to say the least but there were many negative repercussions as you can imagine.

I was very eager to help make a difference in his life and get him back on track.

I was however surprised at what I found. When testing for the original event which instigated this out of control spiral from the quality life he and his wife had carved out, I discovered it had to do with an event that took place when he was in the first grade.

His teacher had ignored his request to use the rest room and asked him to stand up and answer a question he didn’t know the answer to. When he stood up and tried to think of how to answer her, he wet his pants. This has to be thee ultimate feeling of being out of control.

The event that triggered a re-enactment of his response was when a prospect refused to schedule an interview meeting in a timely manner so he would be better prepared. Then at the meeting they began to grill him on his knowledge about the project he was proposing.

As an adult, he didn’t went his pants, but he lost control of his entire work environment.

When we tested the reaction, it was a 10. That is definitely a very serious situation.

It took more than two hours to get the reaction down to a 1, partially because it was difficult for him to correlate the two events.

Results: Within two weeks he landed a new client and has rebuilt his consulting practice. I’ve been waiting for the call when he tells me he’s bought another home.