I talked with a friend about his friend who at 45 had not been able to keep a job longer than six months. I called him and asked if he wanted to get together as my friend had told him about the NESTing process.

When we got together he explained that up until this point in his life it never bothered him to drift from one job to another. He learned many aspects of the construction trade, made enough money to take care of himself fairly well and was able to take days and even weeks off because of his routine.

But a year before he got married and three weeks before we metfor the session they had their first child.

His perspective had changed overnight.

He told me about growing up with his father being in the military. He was the youngest and one of five children and was treated as though he was the prince of the family. He was eight when they were living in Japan when his father decided to take off with another woman.

He never saw him again until he was a young adult.

The issue turned you to be centered around mirroring (idolizing) his father who had left him. That kept him from being able to commit to a job even though he had been in his first relationship that lasted more than six months.

The issue registered an 8 and about 45 minutes later, it was a zero.

Results: I have talked with him several times since and he is still working with the same construction crew and has now finished his general contractor’s license.