Michael’s children had nothing to do with him, which of course made him very angry. After his divorce to his first wife, to get even for his leaving she decided to take an issue and drive a wedge between him and the children who were 7 through 15.

When Michael would arrange for them to have a day with him, she would take the children somewhere so they weren’t available. When he gave them Christmas and birthday presents she would through them away or hide them before they found them. When he called to say hello so told him they weren’t there.

So of course the children believed he didn’t care and had totally abandoned them. It couldn’t have been further from the truth, but her second husband became her ally and helped perpetuate the story.

So when I met Michael it was 17 years after his first marriage and 2 years after his second marriage. He had very little tolerance for the possibility of a relationship.

It took about a year of talking through what he might be giving up just to hang on to his anger before he began to see the opposite side of his perspective. It was a about that time that we began our relationship. It was another year when he asked me to marry him.

In two years time he became a gentle spirit. He learned to meditate and live his life on purpose. It was an amazing transformation.