So no one is to blame for what we experience. Even as children before we’ve been able to develop the proper defense mechanisms, we still have to understand we need the lessons we learn. We have to experience life in order to grow into the person we are to become.

We always have choices as to whether we see the lessons through, but how we embrace the lessons are what builds our characters and molds us in to a more evolved individual.

Another American Indian adage is to take a 45 degrees step back with your left foot only and remove yourself from what is concerning you.

Think as though you are observing the situation as though you were a non-involved bystander. What can you see from removing yourself from the equation?

Do you notice new choices you can make that will better serve you? Can you imagine a better outcome than the direction you are heading? Can you separate yourself from the emotional component of the events?

I’ve witnessed many arguments and have often wondered if the argument would have occurred or have had as great an impact if they didn’t love each other. I noticed this the first time when I was in my 30s. I witnessed an argument with a couple who truly cared for each other but when he announced he was going out with his friends she got angry and he stormed out of the house.


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