Emotional Challenges

I was in Los Angeles at the Braveheart event and met Kali who is from Australia. We started talking about how we could produce a women’s empowerment day to help her launch her new book.

We started talking about the event and I noticed a particular reaction she had every time we talked about the event being successful. She would look down to her left and not look at me. I asked her if we could work together and she agreed.

I first asked her subconscious whether it was related to her mother or father and the answer was no, as indicated by Applied Kinesiology. Then I realized it was a man so I asked if there was a man who she thought of as an uncle who had betrayed her.

I was not surprised when she answered yes.

After explaining the use of rubbing fingers together to get a rating on the severity of the issue, I asked her to check with her fingers to see the level of the issue. Logically it was a 7 and emotionally it was a 6.

So we worked through it and about 30 minutes later, the reaction to the event was not present in her emotional reactions.

It was amazing to see how her normally pale cheeks where rosy with color and there were visible signs of a more relaxed atmosphere.